Resume / CV for Anthony Stevens
Anthony Stevens
6711 Rustling Oaks Trail
Austin, TX 78759
Phone: (512)923-1822

I consider myself a jack of all things technical. My wide range of experience (System Admin to QA and Software Developer) provides a unique customer focused view in my work. I have found that I can come into any environment and quickly become an invaluable member of the team. I am always eager to learn new things, and share things I have have learned.

Austin, TX or Remote

Professional Experience:

Date: July 2017 - Present
Title:Senior Member of Technical Staff
Skills:Javascript, Node (React, Redux), Agile/scrum, git, docker
I joined Athenahealth during a major technology refocus to invest in a micro-service architecture. I work with a full stack development team using Agile and scrum methodologies to develop a universal healthcare login service. The focus is primarily front end, using Node (React/Redux), but back-end is also involved (again, using Node).

Date: March 2016 - June 2017
Skills:Javascript, Java, React-Native, Android Studio, Xcode
I left Logitech/Lifesize to take a year to focus on learning new technologies and traveling. During that time, I developed 4 apps, using various tool-kits, including Android Studio (pure Java), React-Native, and others. Went through the entire product cycle of planning, developing, testing, releasing, and marketing using the Google Play framework. I released the latest React-Native projects (Wordplexity and Square Word Scramble) on both Google Play and iTunes stores.
Wordplexity can be found here: Square Word Scramble can be found here:

Company:Logitech (Lifesize Communications Division)
Date: April 2010 - March 2016
Title:Senior Audio Software Engineer
Skills:C++, Embeded Linux, Realtime Audio, Perl, VoIP, TCPdump, Jira, Git, Subversion, WebRTC, PHP, Javascript.
I worked on the release of every Lifesize Endpoint and MCU product. Majority of the code was C++, with some light PHP, Javascript, and Perl work. Major challenges included debugging and resolving audio quality issues (echoes, pops, garbled audio, etc), as well as scaling and latency issues. On multiple occasions, I traveled to customer locations for on-site work and diagnostics. During those visits, I was able to clearly document both the problem, and any proposed solutions. One of the more unique items I worked on included a project to utilize speech to text technology for a voice controlled user interface. I developed several debugging and automation tools during the course of the job, including a method to graphically plot conferences to identify quality, latency, and other issues for the Lifesize cloud product. Worked closely with the Sales Engineers and Support teams to solve complicated customer issues, not always related to Audio.
Company:Lifesize Communications
Date: April 2007 - April 2010
Title:Senior Test Engineer
Skills:Linux, Perl, Python, Automation, XML, Php, Voip (H323, SIP), Firewalls, Security testing tools.
Primarily responsible for developing an automated test framework in Perl and XML, and working with the rest of the test team to implement automated tests. I applied my knowledge of hardware systems to help evaluate and test early video conference systems. I also created test plans for 6 major software releases. Maintained and documented multiple firewalls used for network testing. Worked with development team to discover root cause of software bugs. Developed automated methods to verify both audio and video were being received and transmitted.
Date: May 2002 - April 2007
Title:Senior Software Validation Engineer
Skills:Perl, C/C++, X11, Test Director, Security Test tools, Hardware Test.
Responsible for validating enterprise servers, storage devices and system management software. Lead the Option card validation program. Developed test infrastructure to allow for as much automation as possible. Test infrastructure included creating a CGI to TestDirector conduit. Developed a system to automatically test BIOS setup screens. Developed and maintained LinuxStressTest, which is a complete stress test package for Linux. Developed and maintained our System Configuration Tracker tool, which allows us to organize and report test results. Maintained a PXE server, complete with automation for hands off installations. Recognized as the Linux subject matter expert. Created process, tools, test cases for performing security audits on System Management Devices, discovered numerous critical vulnerabilities.

Date:Jan 2002 - May 2002
Title:CM Engineer / Developer
Skills:Solaris, Starteam, Build, Installer Wizard Development.
Maintained the build environment and the Starteam repository. Developed the installation program for the initial release of the software. Designed, installed, and configured a redundant Solaris machines with hot failover.
Company:ClearCommerce Corporation
Date:Feb 2000 - Oct 2001
Title:QA Engineer
Skills:Perl, HPUX, Linux, Solaris, SQL, Remedy, Test Automation, Build Configuration
Performed Functional Verification Tests and System Verification Tests on various aspects of the product, focusing mainly on installation and upgrade. All testing efforts were automated using Perl. Created a web based installation tool which installed an enterprise class software product on multiple platforms including automatically creating Oracle schemas and seeding databases. This reduced test setup time by 75% and allowed the test team to quickly recreate a base state testing environment on demand. This system also allowed for more effective utilization of hardware by reserving systems for each test effort for a specific amount of time. Created web based interface to Remedy database which was used by management to track defect status. Extended this interface to the company chat system. Maintained CVS repository and simplified the build system to a web interface. Responsible for final product packaging.

Company:Collective Technologies
Date:September 1998 - Feb 2000
Skills:Linux, Automation Tool Development, Perl, Big Brother

Skills:Solaris, Mailing list automation, Netscape Enterprise Server, Auspex, NFS, Samba, NIS
Company:Computer Sciences Corp.
Date:March 1997 - July 1998
Title:Software Specialist (Contractor)
Client:IBM in Austin
Skills:AIX, Perl, ADSM, AFS/DFS, Storage Hardware
Company:SageNet Internet Services
Date:May 1995 - December 1995
Title:UNIX System Admin
Skills:Linux, Telephony, DNS, Usenet, HTML, Awk

Sage Computer Systems

Date:October 1994 - May 1995
Title:PC Repair Tech
Skills:Windows, Dos, Linux, PC Hardware

Non-Work Related Experience / Projects:

  • Developed Square Word Scramble Android game using React-Native framework.
  • Author of a freely available security program called Guardian, which updates firewall rules on the fly when Snort detects an attack.
  • Wrote an ethernet packet analyzer to learn more about TCP/IP protocols and routing. Later used this tool to reverse engineer various non-standard Internet protocols.
  • Developed and maintained my personal photography website.

Technical Experience:

Intel/AMD PCs and Servers, Sun Workstations and Servers, DSPs (TI, Nexperia, Lifesize Video Conferencing Endpoints)

Operating Systems:
Linux (All distros), AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows.

Programming Languages:
C/C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, HTML, Unix Shell Scripts, SQL, Tcl/Tk(Expect)

Software Skills:
Jira, Git, Android Studio, Subversion, Wireshark, Nmap, Vim, Oracle, Mysql, GNU Tools, Openoffice Suite


Texas State Technical College
Dec 1995 - Feb 1997
Computer Networking Degree

References available upon request